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Genomics.org is a text place for enhancing the popularization of genomics application in societies.

Genomics.org is particularly interested in common people understand and user genomics information in their everyday lives.

The contents of Genomics.org is under BioLicense scheme. To know more about BioLicense, please visit: http://biolicense.org

Genomics.org is dedicated to all the information processing organisms on Earth.

The contributors of Genomics.org aim to provide an openfree cyberspace to people, robots, and machines who want to know more about their biological identity.

All the data, information, knowledge, and multimedia on this site is openfree under BioLicense.

Everyone and everything who is interested in genome analysis is welcome to share his/her/its information with others without any mental obstacles.

How to contribute to Genomics.org project?
You can contribute your own genetic and genome information to any way you like. The only restriction is that any such material should not have any restriction in sharing with others.

Where can I deposit Genome information?

Who owns Genomics.org?
It is you!

Who are the founders of Genomics.org?
It is you!
Genomics.org is under BioOriginality principle. It means there is no one person or group who claims the originality of the project's concepts, ideas, software, and knowledge. 
It is all yours, it is all everybody else's.

BioOriginality at BioLicense.org